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Rogers TV Toronto studios

What can new Canadians gain from Rogers TV’s volunteer opportunity

It is a snowy February morning. The time is 8:30 and “Daytime Toronto’s” studio at Rogers TV (Cable 10) is still quiet, getting ready to “wake up.” George Niculescu and about 10 others enter the studio to start a new day volunteering at the station. Like others on the team, Niculescu wants to gain local experience in the media field, make connections, and find a job. His dream, eventually, is to study filmmaking at Ryerson University, and he believes this unique opportunity at Rogers TV studio in north Toronto will help make that happen.  Read more »

Immigrant George Niculescu

How one immigrant is trying to achieve his Canadian dream

I first meet George Niculescu at Rogers TV Toronto on January 18, 2011.  He is there to work as a volunteer on the breakfast show “Daytime Toronto” and hopes that experience will lead to a job.

“My uncle – (who had immigrated to Canada a decade ago) – told me it’s better to volunteer and get local experience,” Niculescu tells me after the show.  “I see it as a step forward and will try to make the most of it.” Read more »