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June 21, 2012

Alternatives looking for story contributions from new Canadians

by Gerard Keledjian

Alternatives is looking for story contributions from new Canadians with a professional background in scientific research and/or journalism in another country. Our goal is to produce at least four content packages of up to 1,000 words within the next year, assembling some perspective about how other countries are dealing with environmental challenges that Canadians are also facing. Pitches that are accepted for publication will be given creative direction, mentoring and support by Alternatives’ editorial staff, and writers will receive a payment at our standard rate of 10 cents per word upon completion of an assignment.

 We publish a range of story formats, and potential contributors should direct their ideas towards one of our upcoming issue themes, as detailed below. In order to be properly considered, story ideas must be timely, original and appropriate for an audience of environmentally engaged readers from across Canada.
Pitches should be sent to by June 24, 2012, and should include the following:
— The potential contributor’s contact information and a point-form summation of professional credentials (no resumes, please)
— An indication of the potential contributor’s writing experience (ideally in the form of a finished writing sample, published or otherwise)
— A brief summary (between 250 and 400 words) explaining the idea you want to write about and why it is relevant to Alternatives
(Find more information about contributing to Alternatives here:

Alternatives produces about half of the content in every issue to align with a broader editorial theme. Potential contributors should try to suggest ideas that fit in with one of these themes, but we also welcome other ideas (and we do publish a range of non-themed content in every issue).
Jan/Feb 2013 — Life Cycles
Specifically, we are interested in stories about successful bioremediation projects. We are also searching for projects or people that are developing new methods or technologies for repurposing waste, improving water quality, harvesting renewable energy, and so on. Story ideas that present a unique perspective on the curious life cycle of an animal, plant or raw material would also be appropriate to pitch.
Mar/Apr 2013 — Greenbelts
We would be very interested in stories about greenbelt conservation and sustainable land use models that have worked (or that are working) in other countries. Profiles of pioneers in greenbelt policy or activism would also be welcome, as would stories about exotic or endangered animals and their relationship with a wildlife corridor that is either being expanded or encroached upon.
May/June 2013 — Art & Media
The current issue of Alternatives on newsstands ( was produced with this same theme, so it’s a good reference point if potential contributors can find a copy to look at before sending a pitch. Next year’s issue will also feature a surplus of book reviews, and we are interested in profiling visual artists and behind-the-scenes producers of media whose work is rooted in deeply considered and widely relevant environmentalism.

(The content of this post has been provided by Alternatives).


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