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October 6, 2012

Persistence pays off for immigrant physiotherapist

by Gerard Keledjian
Nada Khairallah

Nada Khairallah was a successful physiotherapist in Lebanon, but she was looking for more. And she believed that she could find new opportunities in Canada. She applied for immigration in 1999 and was on her way to a new life in Canada.

When dealing with the Canadian embassy, she was informed that to work in Canada as a physiotherapist, she would have to go through a credentialing process before she could practise. Undaunted, she contacted the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators to enquire about the steps she would have to take.

Her first step, she was told, was to take two online courses to prepare for a certification exam in Canada. She wasted no time, and began the classes while still in Beirut. She completed the courses in September 2004, after moving to Canada in April.

“I thought when I finished my courses in September I would be eligible to write the exam,” she says. She also expected that she’d be able to work in her field directly afterwards. Unfortunately, things weren’t that simple for Khairallah — she failed the exam.

Read the full article here.

Nada Khairallah with Minister Charles Sousa

Nada Khairallah (second from right) with Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (middle) during ceremony to announce 70 new and renewed bridge training projects for newcomers (Image: OMCI)


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