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An Immigrant Inspiration

About four years ago I migrated to Canada from Dubai, UAE, bringing with me over 15 years of experience and the dream of starting an exciting, new chapter in my life. However, like most new immigrants, I struggled to find my footing. In my search for solutions, I made mistakes as I came to terms with the new country I chose to call home.

One of the helpful “solutions” I came across was CAMP Networking, a PINs member Read more »

A group of newcomer service providers attending Gerard Keledjian's presentation on "Immigration and the Media" at the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement - #CdnImm Event #3

Canadian experience: the newcomer services’ view

By 2015, 100 per cent of all labour growth in Canada will come from immigration. Still, recent statistics show that GTA unemployment rates, for example, stand at 5.4 per cent for Canadian-born workers, while they’re almost double for immigrants, at 9.6 per cent. If we just look at those who arrived in the past five years, the figure is as high as 14.2 per cent.

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Architect Films’ new documentary on Toronto immigrants from countries in conflict

I have been asked by Architect Films to help out with a documentary they are producing about Canadian immigrants who come from countries in conflict.  Architect Films is looking for immigrants who can tell their stories. Below are details about the project.


Architect Films is developing a documentary about immigrants living in Toronto who come from countries that have suffered through conflict in recent years. The documentary will tie together the stories of individuals who experienced violence firsthand in their homeland, and have since escaped to Toronto, the most multi-cultural city in the world. Read more »


Maple Key Campaign 2012: Gerard’s Story

Shortly after moving to Canada, I started volunteering with the Mennonite New Life Centre working with a group of internationally trained journalists.
Currently my story is featured as part of the Centre’s “Maple Key Campaign 2012.” The campaign features also the stories of other newcomers that the Centre is helping: OlgaRayhan and Paco.
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Nada Khairallah

Persistence pays off for immigrant physiotherapist

Nada Khairallah was a successful physiotherapist in Lebanon, but she was looking for more. And she believed that she could find new opportunities in Canada. She applied for immigration in 1999 and was on her way to a new life in Canada. Read more »

Victor Reyes

From engineering to environment: How a mentor helped an immigrant’s journey to work

When Victor Reyes left the Philippines to pursue his Master of Engineering in Australia, he didn’t think he will end up in Canada. And just when the idea of staying in Australia started to tempt him, he fell in love with a Canadian, got married and moved to Toronto in 2006.

Reyes didn’t do any research. When in Toronto, he contacted a credential evaluation service and had his degrees certified. Read more »


Immigrants are people, not just figures says young Canadian photographer

Brett Gundlock didn’t know anything about immigration. He had not lived the immigrant experience himself nor did know anyone who had. His limited views on the subject came from what he had heard during his occasional chats with cab drivers and by listening to their stories. Read more »

Immigrant George Niculescu

How one immigrant is trying to achieve his Canadian dream

I first meet George Niculescu at Rogers TV Toronto on January 18, 2011.  He is there to work as a volunteer on the breakfast show “Daytime Toronto” and hopes that experience will lead to a job.

“My uncle – (who had immigrated to Canada a decade ago) – told me it’s better to volunteer and get local experience,” Niculescu tells me after the show.  “I see it as a step forward and will try to make the most of it.” Read more »