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Gerard Keledjian: Armenian-Canadian to receive Pioneers for Change Award 2015

On May 26, 2015 Horizon Weekly of Montreal published the below news article about me receiving a Pioneers for Change award. – GK

Armenian-Canadian Gerard Keledjian is one of this year’s six recipients of Skills for Change’s (SfC) 2015 Pioneers for Change (PfC) Awards. He and other awards recipients will be speaking at a press conference Skills for Change will host at 11 am on Friday May 29th, 2015, to introduce the 2015 Pioneers for Change Awards recipients. Read more


Orange LLP features Gerard Keledjian’s success

The Orange LLP blog featured me this week as a newcomer success story! I was happy to share my stories – from Canadian media and the newcomer experience to maple syrup – with the readers of the blog. The interviewer was Tory Hetherington.

TH: You’re an incredibly accomplished person! How did you get your career started? Did you always know you’d have an involvement in media? Read more »


Alternatives looking for story contributions from new Canadians

Alternatives is looking for story contributions from new Canadians with a professional background in scientific research and/or journalism in another country. Our goal is to produce at least four content packages of up to 1,000 words within the next year, assembling some perspective about how other countries are dealing with environmental challenges that Canadians are also facing. Pitches that are accepted for publication will be given creative direction, mentoring and support by Alternatives’ editorial staff, and writers will receive a payment at our standard rate of 10 cents per word upon completion of an assignment.
Optical Prism, September 2011

Fitting Canada’s new faces

When it comes to shopping for eyewear, how do new immigrants differ from their Canadian-raised offspring? 

The fifth and current wave of immigration to Canada started after reforms were made to the country’s immigration law in the late 60s and throughout the 70s. The majority of immigrants began coming from South Asia, China, and to a lesser extent from the Philippines, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

So what do those recent immigrants look for when they go to optical stores here? And are there any differences between the ones who moved to Canada and their native-born offspring when it comes to consuming eyecare products? Read more »


Introducing Toronto featured in Canadian Newcomer magazine

The special engineering issue of Canadian Newcomer magazine features an article about the new TV series, Introducing Toronto, that I’m producing for Rogers TV.

The article, titled “Introducing Toronto: A New Series for Newcomers”, is written by the magazine’s associate publisher Jill Snider Lum.

Read more »