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Immigrants are people, not just figures says young Canadian photographer

Brett Gundlock didn’t know anything about immigration. He had not lived the immigrant experience himself nor did know anyone who had. His limited views on the subject came from what he had heard during his occasional chats with cab drivers and by listening to their stories. Read more »

Optical Prism, September 2011

Fitting Canada’s new faces

When it comes to shopping for eyewear, how do new immigrants differ from their Canadian-raised offspring? 

The fifth and current wave of immigration to Canada started after reforms were made to the country’s immigration law in the late 60s and throughout the 70s. The majority of immigrants began coming from South Asia, China, and to a lesser extent from the Philippines, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

So what do those recent immigrants look for when they go to optical stores here? And are there any differences between the ones who moved to Canada and their native-born offspring when it comes to consuming eyecare products? Read more »


Introducing Toronto featured in Canadian Newcomer magazine

The special engineering issue of Canadian Newcomer magazine features an article about the new TV series, Introducing Toronto, that I’m producing for Rogers TV.

The article, titled “Introducing Toronto: A New Series for Newcomers”, is written by the magazine’s associate publisher Jill Snider Lum.

Read more »


How can immigrants get their place in Canadian media

As most Canadian immigrants, internationally trained media professionals and journalists immigrating to Canada don’t find a rosy picture awaiting them in terms of career opportunities here. But unlike most others, they encountera few additional bumps on the road they have to overcome. Read more »

Canadian immigrants visiting UforChange's education fair

How to pursue your education as a Canadian immigrant

When I immigrated to Canada, naturally, I thought a lot about my education and employment. Was it necessary for people like me who had a university degree to go back to “school” to get jobs? If yes, what would be the “best or right approach” to pursue my education upgrade? Read more »

Rogers TV Toronto studios

What can new Canadians gain from Rogers TV’s volunteer opportunity

It is a snowy February morning. The time is 8:30 and “Daytime Toronto’s” studio at Rogers TV (Cable 10) is still quiet, getting ready to “wake up.” George Niculescu and about 10 others enter the studio to start a new day volunteering at the station. Like others on the team, Niculescu wants to gain local experience in the media field, make connections, and find a job. His dream, eventually, is to study filmmaking at Ryerson University, and he believes this unique opportunity at Rogers TV studio in north Toronto will help make that happen.  Read more »

Immigrant George Niculescu

How one immigrant is trying to achieve his Canadian dream

I first meet George Niculescu at Rogers TV Toronto on January 18, 2011.  He is there to work as a volunteer on the breakfast show “Daytime Toronto” and hopes that experience will lead to a job.

“My uncle – (who had immigrated to Canada a decade ago) – told me it’s better to volunteer and get local experience,” Niculescu tells me after the show.  “I see it as a step forward and will try to make the most of it.” Read more »